Content and Process


What is the difference between content and process?

Answer: Really important thing to know.


An argument can be about any number of topics. A couple can argue about money, the kids, who does the most housework etc.


If you look at the structure of all these arguments, you might notice something strange. They may be exactly the same. One party may comment on a behavior, followed by a misinterpretation as criticism together with feelings of being misunderstood. Which leads to bringing up some history and counter accusations. Leading to an escalating pattern for instance.

The parties are running different content through the same argument strategy.

By changing the strategy, you can effectively change all the different types of argument which depended on that strategy.

Strategies in other areas:

Many times we use the same strategy (process) to get different goals (content), when they need different processes. The strategy you use to get your kids to do something may not work with fellow workers or your best friend.

I once had a problem with learning dance steps. I decided I was just not good at this. During my NLP practitioner course I found out I was using the same strategy for dance steps that I used for learning things from a book (Visual System Processing and Auditory Digital Processing). When I used someone else’s visual and Kinesthetic System Processing strategy, it was suddenly effortless.

The learning process needed to be different for different types of content.

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