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Personal Power

Question In NLP what is personal power Answer Personal power is your ability to choose your response. Many people think they are not responsible for how they feel. They think that circumstances or other people make them feel a certain way.


Open Loop Metaphors

Question: Hi, I am intrigued after listening to people talking about Constructing 5 open loop metaphors, how would you go about that? Thanks


Modeling Someone you Don’t Know

Question: I read your article on modelling with great interest. How would you model someone you do not know – someone you have seen on TV, someone who works in a different department, someone who lives nearby etc. You cannot get close enough to most people to start asking intimate questions or get to know […]


Metaphors for Metaphors

Question hi my name is Gabriel i have been studying nlp for five years now . here is my question : how many times can you use a metaphoric filter before the unconscious cannot recognize the commands. From my understanding the unconscious has no problem recognizing one layer of metaphor but how many the limit […]


MBTI Metaprograms

Question What is the correlation between MBTI types and the metaprograms? Answer: Meta programs are our habitual ways of inputting, sorting and filtering our world. They are our typical patterns and strategies or thinking styles.

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