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Fears and the Caveman Brain

Our brains really aren’t designed for the 21st century. In a world of hostile tribes and saber toothed tigers, jumping to conclusions about what is safe is a useful survival strategy. But what happens when our world changes to a pretty safe place (mostly)? We keep responding as though survival was the only thing we […]


NLP States – the Basis of our Responses

The concept of NLP states refers to our mental and physical processes we experience at any moment. Our state depends on our interaction with the external environment, how well our bodies are functioning and our thinking (including emotions).


Congruence – Powerful Communication

The term congruence is most often used in geometry. It means agreement and alignment. We can also be congruent in our communicating. All behavior is our way of showing what is going on inside us. It is a kind of communication. I may not actually say “I like you”, but many different parts of me […]


The Nature of Physical and Emotional Pain

Yesterday was an amazing day. I helped deliver my new baby grand daughter. Her name is Ella and she is tiny and gorgeous of course. It was a relatively fast birth, as they go. Within 3 hours the little bundle slid out and took her first breath. No time for the civilized accessories of modern […]


Grabbing them by the Emotions

I hate beer. So how could something entice me into drinking it (or at least thinking about it) on a hot sultry Australian summer day. Marketers have come a long way. My cave person marketer may have said “hey buddy, I’ve got some brewing down by the stream – want a sip?” It’s pretty easy […]

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