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NLP Swish – Change is easy

Do you have any habits you want to change without effort and self-discipline? The NLP swish pattern can change the way you feel and behave naturally and easily.


Mapping Across – an NLP technique using submodalities

Want to change how you feel about housework or paperwork to how you feel about dancing or some other fun thing? Or maybe you love housework and would like to feel the same way about dancing? Mapping across transfers the submodalities or elements from one particular state or context to another. It is particularly useful when you […]


State Elicitation for Anchoring and Changing States

State elicitation is an important skill and part of many NLP Techniques.  It involves the ability to experience resource and other states like peak performance strongly and cleanly. Identifying the structure of an experience is an important aspect of NLP Modeling, and NLP Anchoring. It also enables changing states.


A Pattern Interrupt to Change a Strategy

A pattern interrupt is a way to change a person’s state or strategy. We all have behavior patterns that are habit sequences or mental pathways. It is also a great way to induce trance. Milton Erikson used the handshake induction as a formal pattern interrupt.

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