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The Thinking Feeling Preference – How we Make Decisions

The Thinking Feeling preference is about how we make decisions, how we evaluate information.  Someone at the thinking end of the scale will use logic and rational criteria to make a decision. From the feeling end they will use personal values and considerations. Being on the extreme end of the scale for either preference can […]


The Thinking Preference

The thinking preference of on the thinking feeling scale uses objective criteria to make decisions. They will analyze problems in a rational and impersonal way. An extreme thinker can ignore people’s feelings and needs. They can come seem tough minded. Judgment is of the cause/effect reasoning type. They will sometimes use external standards, the rules, […]


ISTP – quiet, practical, logical, flexible

Introvert – Sensing – Thinking – Perceiving ISTPs like to observe and then act. They have a “no nonsense” kind of realism. They are good at dealing with lots of data and practical solution oriented problems. Efficiency and economy of effort is important. They don’t act until it is necessary to do so. They are […]


ISTJ – Quiet, Practical, Logical, Organized

ISTJ’s tend to be quiet, practical, logical and organized. They find success by being thorough, practical, realistic, responsible and dependable. Logic and orderliness are high priorities in all areas of life. This is the hall monitor pattern and is great for making tough logical decisions such as being an umpire. They thrive in administrative and […]


ISFP is Quiet, Sensitive, Friendly, Harmonious

Introvert – Sensing – Feeling – Perceiving ISFPs are quiet, friendly, action oriented, and caring. They enjoy and experience the present moment. They need their own time and space. Personal values are important and used to make decisions. They are good and sensitive listeners and avoid conflict. Most Developed Skill Introvert Sensate Feeling Perceiving’s strongest […]

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