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Judging Perceiving – Controlling our World

The Judging Perceiving scale relates to how we adapt to life. It is about the kind and level of control we seek to gain. It is not about judgment as criticism. Judging A preference for judging is about making the most of our circumstances and resources. Its focus is on taking action to make things […]


The Feeling Preference on the Thinking Feeling Scale

The feeling preference of the thinking feeling scale makes decisions subjectively. That is according to what is important to them (personal values). They consider the implications and how things will effect other people.


Introvert Extrovert – Renewing our Energy

The Introvert Extrovert MBTI scale relates to how we get and renew our energy. It is not about shy and gregarious/talkative behavior. Do you get your energy from your inner or outer world? We often describe timid and sociable behavior as being introvert or extrovert. Jung’s conception was whether someone recharged energy by being with […]


The MBTI ® Personality Test

The MBTI explains differences in behavior from different ways we use our minds. It is a popular career test used by employers.  Some employers use it to categorize people, but it can be useful to make sure an obviously wrong personality doesn’t get an unsuitable job. For instance if a job could be very stressful if […]


ESTP is Active, Pragmatic, Focus on Results, Flexible

Extrovert – Sensing – Thinking – Perceiving ESTPs are nothing if not realistic. They are keen observers of the world and rely heavily on their senses to tell them how things are. This makes them very practical, down to earth and present. They like material comforts and experiences. Because they accept things as they are, […]

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