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Motivation Direction – Toward Pleasure and Away From Pain

The motivation direction Meta Program determines the type of consequences that are likely to move us to action. It is an important aspect of how we motivate ourselves. Are you motivated by what you want (pleasure) or by what you want to avoid (pain)? This particular program profoundly affects many aspects of our lives.


Gustatory System Processing

Our gustatory system relates to our sense of taste. As a primitive system, it is not so valued in our modern world. NLP doesn’t consider taste as one of the major representational systems. We generally don’t use it significantly to build our models of the world.


Thru-time – learning from experience

The second basic time sort is Thru-time (or through time). With this way of representing time, a person stores memories left to right or right to left, or some way where time is in front of them. An advantage is that past experiences can be used as references and learned from. As a disadvantage, some […]


In-time – Experiencing Life in the Present

In-time is a common time line type. With this time sort, a person experiences being in the present moment. Their sense of time passes through their body at some point. There is little awareness of time passing. Usually some part of the person’s history or future is unavailable unless they turn their head.


Relationship Filter – Sameness and Difference

The relationship filter is also known as the sameness difference filter or matching mismatching. This filter is an important part of our personality, together with our attitude to, and need for, change. It influences how we compare information. With sameness or matching, we search for what things or situations have in common. With difference or […]

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