ESFJ – Loyal, Action Oriented, Warmhearted, Conscientious

Extrovert – Sensing – Feeling – Judging

The ESFJ pattern creates a practical, warm, reliable, organized, conscientious, and cooperative orientation. They have a strong desire to help other people and maintain relationships. They deal with social ties in practical ways and notice the details of what people need. They have a strong sense of duty and commitment.


Harmonious relationships are important and they are gracious, popular and sympathetic. They like to entertain, to please people and talk. They follow through on what they say and are extremely loyal. They are strongly traditionalist in terms of chain of command and rituals.

They are excellent organizers, remember facts and details as well as complete tasks accurately and efficiently. They tend to have strong opinions and take decisive action. They like to be in charge and delegate well.

Most Developed Skill

The strongest drive for Extrovert Sensing Feeling Judging is energy to get things done and be productive. Organizational skills and a work ethic are strong. They are practical, responsible, decisive and helpful. They are skilled in following routines and procedures within a tradition structure.


The strengths are in their down to earth, traditional, decisive, organized trustworthy approach to life.


Because ESFJs dominant skill is in extroverted feeling, they are able to express opinions, emotions and feelings easily. They are able to identify positive qualities and ideas of each person’s viewpoints. This program set is good for people type decisions and helping people in real and practical ways.


Possible weaknesses can be rigid and opinionated behavior. The Sensing Judging combination can lead to difficulty with long range planning and change, and reluctance to embrace new ideas. They can be very sensitive to criticism and have problems working alone for long periods.

Stress Response

Under stress, they can be impulsive, fussy, sentimental, unemotional, stingy or drama queen like.

Typical Expression

The typical expression of this type is empathic, expressive, cooperative and action oriented.


ESFJs value strong relationships and friendly people.


They have high need for clear structure and explicit instructions


The Sensing Judging combination learns best “traditionally”. They are less interested in implications, abstractions and theories. They prefer practical, procedural and rote skill development.

Least Developed Skills

The least developed skill is introverted thinking. Where logical thinking is required, the lack of skill can show itself as a compulsion to find an expert. The discomfort with introverted thinking can result in feelings of self-doubt and lack of competence. Logic, analysis and the ability to abstract is most difficult.

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