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ENTP is Outspoken, Resourceful, Analytical and Likes Variety

Extrovert – Intuiting – Thinking – Perceiving

ENTPs are innovative, imaginative, optimistic possibility thinkers. They love new ideas and are easily bored by and impatient with routines and procedures. They love excitement and challenge. They have creative, inquisitive, curious impulses. They have a broad range of interests and usually do several projects at the same time. They need mental stimulation and are very quick thinkers. They can also go off on tangents or get side tracked easily. Because possibilities motivate them, they can take on too much and find it difficult to concentrate on what is actually doable.

They are confident, alert and outspoken. They have accurate people perception – what their needs, wants and intentions are, and therefore tend to be socially adept. Competence, concepts and cerebral activity is more engaging than personal relating, even though they can be very good with people.

They make logical rather than value based decisions. The Perceiving preference makes for wanting to keep options open, so there can be a tendency to procrastinate.

Most Developed Skill

ENTPs strongest drive is thinking in possibilities – the patterns, connections, relationships of people and ideas. They like to consider implications and make new associations. They are enthusiastic, innovative, imaginative, creative adaptable, resourceful, uninhibited, and fast paced.


Their strengths lie in their ability to innovate and understand complex ideas. They have confidence, drive and courage to take risks, overcome problems, and take on new ideas. Their communication skills, flexibility, adaptability, enthusiasm and optimism translate to social ease.


Because ENTPs dominant skill is in intuiting, their vision enables them to work out principles, trends and see possibilities. This pattern develops excellent big picture and pattern recognition abilities. This can make them inspiring, insightful and ingenious.


This pattern can lead to reluctance to do things in traditional ordinary ways, even if it is the most useful way. They are almost compelled to challenge authority and rules. They can be arrogant, remote and rough with people’s feelings. There is a tendency to overlook necessary details. This pattern can have difficulty setting priorities, meeting deadlines and being organized.

Stress Response

Under stress, they can be impulsive, distracted, unrealistic, impulsive, irritable, undependable and impulsive.

Typical Expression

This type typically expresses independent, imaginative and questioning behavior. They are confident and enthusiastic with excellent communication skills.


ENTPs value inspiration, thinking, resourcefulness and opportunity. Autonomy, creativity and curiosity are important.


They have high need for autonomy, variety, stimulation and challenging work. They have a strong dislike of rules, orders, schedules and deadlines, and are impatient with unimaginative and inflexible people.


The Intuiting Thinking combination learns best when provided with complex systems, theories and possibilities. They are comfortable with abstractions, the big picture and implications.

Least Developed Skills

The least developed skill is introverted sensing – awareness of sensory reality. Because of this, they can blow details out of proportion. External events become premonitions, unusual body sensations become hypochondria.

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