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ENFJ is Sociable, Inspiring Leadership, Warm, Responsible

Extrovert – Intuiting – Feeling – Judging

The ENFJ pattern creates empathy, warmth and responsibility. They are very supportive and empowering. They like to develop the potential of others. They nurture their relationships and insist on integrity and authenticity.

Their idealism focuses on the potential in people. They like to be organized, particularly about their relationships. They know people and their needs well. The charm and likeability of this pattern makes for excellent interpersonal skills.

The ability to gain consensus, harmony and cooperation and their overall enthusiasm and charisma provides good leadership skills. Their communication and presentation skills create diplomacy and understanding.

They think “outside the box”. The Intuiting Feeling combination makes them idealists. They value personal growth and potential and want to make the world a better place.

They are committed to their own ideas and act as a positive force for change at an individual and system wide level. They love new ideas, and have the tendency to believe the next new idea will be better than the last – which keeps them moving forward.

Most Developed Skill

ENFJs strive to make decisions based on personal values. They have strong people skills, being sociable, friendly, outgoing, gregarious, energetic and idealistic.


The strength of this combination is an ability to motivate others and resolve conflict. They are excellent communicators and creative problem solvers. They can be charismatic, receptive, adaptable and flexible.


Because ENFJs dominant skill is in extroverted feeling, they have excellent empathy and genuine concern for the needs of others. They are able to express opinions, emotions and feelings easily. They are able to identify positive qualities and ideas of each person’s viewpoints.


This pattern can lead to reluctance to do things that conflict with personal values. They can be moody and neglectful of their own personal needs and boundaries. They can feel personally responsible for the perceived needs of others.

They often have an inability to criticize and discipline others and be assertive. They can find it difficult to stay detached. There is a strong tendency to avoid conflict and unpleasantness.

Stress Response

Under stress, they can be impulsive, fussy emotional behavior. They can become a drama queen or tough minded.

Typical Expression

ENFJs typically are expressive and sociable, appreciative but can seem formal. They are friendly, harmonious and fluent.


This pattern values cooperation, warmth and responsiveness. They are committed to their personal values, people and causes.


They have high need for harmony, meaningfulness and humanistic values. They are impatient with inefficient and uncooperative people and find competitive or unpleasant environments stressful.


The Intuiting Feeling combination learns best when provided with the big picture, implications and possibilities. They are comfortable with abstractions and theories, particularly about people.

Least Developed Skills

The least developed skill is Introverted Thinking. When logical thinking is required, the lack of skill can show itself as a compulsion to find an expert. The discomfort with logical thinking can result in feelings of self-doubt feelings and lack of competence. Logic, analysis and the ability to abstract is most difficult.

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