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INFP is Idealistic, Loyal, Decisive, Adaptable

Introvert – Intuiting – Feeling – Perceiving

The INFP pattern drive is for inner harmony and inner values. Their strong feelings and passions come from their inner world. These feelings not shared, even though they care deeply.

They are strongly oriented towards possibilities and visions and quietly go about achieving them. They have excellent long-range vision and are curious, insightful and open-minded. They are loyal and committed to their ideals and like to devote themselves to worthy causes.

They often hide their extreme depth of feeling, even from themselves, until circumstances provoke an impassioned response. They enjoy time alone reflecting or engaged in their many interests with a few close others.

Most Developed Skill

The strongest drive for the INFP is making decisions based on personal values. They are quiet, sensitive, accepting and caring about values and people.


Their strengths lie in their ability to motivate others and resolve conflict. They are excellent written communicators and creative problem solvers. They can be charismatic, receptive, adaptable and flexible. They are often fluent with written language.


Because their dominant skill is in intuiting, they often develop excellent big picture, pattern recognition and visionary abilities. This is useful for persuasion, quiet influence and conflict resolution.


Their commitment to their own ideals can make them closed to other points of view. They can be sensitive to criticism and tend toward perfectionism and high standards for self. This can lead to putting off the implementation of plans, while they keep refining their plans.

They can be moody and absent minded. They often have an inability to criticize and discipline others and be assertive. Detaching is often difficult, so they default to people pleasing.

Stress Response

Under stress, they can be irritable, oversensitive, unreliable, distracted or impulsive.

Typical Expression

INFPs typically express unconventional and complex ideas. While they don’t share their ideas easily, they are easygoing, calm and affirming.


INFPs value introspective reflection and interpersonal harmony. Autonomy, creativity and curiosity are important.


They have high need for harmony, meaningfulness and humanistic values. They have a strong dislike of rules, orders, schedules and deadlines.


The Intuiting Feeling combination learns best when given the big picture, implications and possibilities. They are comfortable with abstractions and theories, particularly about people.

Least Developed Skills

The least developed skill is thinking. When thinking is required, they can obsess about being right, and keep analysing, finding alternatives and evaluating them. The discomfort with thinking can lead to seeing others as incompetent, being dictatorial, and seeing things in black/white.

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