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Satir Categories Leveler

Virginia Satir suggested that 4.5% of people will typically use the satir categories leveler attitude. Many thought this was an optimistic view.


Satir Categories

Satir categories are especially useful for calibration, when maintaining rapport with someone, getting someone level headed, and giving emotionally charged speeches. Virginia Satir discovered over her many therapy sessions with families, that when stressed in communication, people exhibited certain stances or attitudes.


Representational Systems

Representational systems are our internal senses. We “re-present” what we experience on the outside on our internal mental screen. Our external senses (our seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting) match our internal senses.How is it possible that five people can go to the very same party and recall it in five different ways?


Convincer Channel – Presenting to Persuade

Our convincer channel refers to the most persuasive Representational System for information. What sort of information do we need to make a decision? What submodalities within this do you find most compelling?

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