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INTP – Quiet, Abstract, Logical, Flexible

Introvert – Intuiting – Thinking – Perceiving

INTPs appear quiet, reserved and detached on the outside. On the inside, however they have a rich inner absorbing and analytical life. This can make them oblivious to what is going on around them. They can get lost in time. They are skeptical, innovative, critical, deep and original thinkers – they want logical explanations for everything they find interesting.

Logical Introverted young woman

They have a strong drive to be competent from the Intuiting Thinking combination. They like to improve things and people and can see the possibilities. They are great model and theory builders, organizing complex ideas and concepts easily. Realizing these ideas and concepts isn’t such a strong drive however. Knowing is often enough, the ideas become an end in themselves.

They can have trouble communicating these ideas to others because of the complexity and open-endedness of their thinking – the intuiting perceiving combination. This can come across as a lack of confidence in their abilities.

They are independent, imaginative, easy going and flexible, unless their principles are violated. They are good with language, and they can be mathematically inclined. Their interests can go to any complex systems field. Logical reasoning is extremely important.

Most Developed Skill

Their strongest drive is to make logical decisions. They are reflective, detached, curious, analyzing, critical and imaginative thinkers.


Their strengths lie in firstly in their innovation and vision. They can see the possibilities. Their ability to understand complex ideas and work out principles and trends is often brilliant.


Because INTPs dominant skill is in thinking, their greatest skill is in logical analysis of complex ideas/ systems and concepts. They can get to the heart of any problem, given enough time and resources. This is different from the superficial “we need a practical solution today” kind of problem solving.


They can become arrogant, remote and rough with people’s feelings, and overlook necessary details. They will often challenge authority and rules. They focus on figuring out the system. They are not so bothered about implementing the stuff they’ve figured out. This can lead to an absence of tangible changes in the external world.

Stress Response

Under stress, they can become rebellious, defensive, restless, distracted or impulsive. They can feel disliked and unappreciated. Emotion can make them anxious.

Typical Expression

INTPs typically express a detached, curious, critical and skeptical attitude.


INTPs value independence and autonomy. Creativity and curiosity are important.


INTPs have a high need for autonomy, variety, stimulation, challenging work. They have a strong dislike of rules, orders, schedules and deadlines.


The Intuiting Thinking combination learns best when provided with complex systems, theories and possibilities. They are comfortable with abstractions, the big picture and implications.

Least Developed Skills

The least developed skill is extroverted feeling. This shows itself in a driving need to be liked and appreciated. They can overwhelm others with affection trying to get this.

The lack of skill with feeling can make it difficult to control and use passion and powerful emotions. Learning interdependence with people and experiencing and expressing emotion can greatly increase quality and enjoyment of life.

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