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Satir Categories Blamer

Virginia Satir suggested that 30% of people will typically use the Satir Categories Blamer attitude. They say no regardless of what they really feel or want (it’s the principle!)


Satir Categories Distracter

Virginia Satir suggested that .5% of people will typically use the satir categories distracter attitude. They act as though yes, no or anything was irrelevant.


Satir Categories Leveler

Virginia Satir suggested that 4.5% of people will typically use the satir categories leveler attitude. Many thought this was an optimistic view.


Satir Categories

Satir categories are especially useful for calibration, when maintaining rapport with someone, getting someone level headed, and giving emotionally charged speeches. Virginia Satir discovered over her many therapy sessions with families, that when stressed in communication, people exhibited certain stances or attitudes.

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