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Thing Motivation Preference

With a thing motivation preference your primary interest focuses on what is in the location or environment. You would direct attention to having, owning or collecting things. These could be tangible things like possessions, money and food, or intangible things like certificates, status and power.


Activity Motivation Preference

With an activity motivation preference as a primary interest sort, you would focus on what you or others do. This sort likes to be active, going out and doing things.


Information Motivation Preference

With an information motivation preference as a primary interest, you would focus on ideas and learning. Bookstores, seminars, research and asking questions might be favorite pastimes. People with this preference value information about people, places, things or activities (the secondary sort determines the type of information). They like to analyze.


People Motivation Preference

With a people motivation preference as a primary interest sort, you would be outgoing and friendly and do well in people oriented jobs. Your focus would be relationships and relating.

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