The Milton Model

Milton Model Negative Commands

Negative commands in The Milton Model hypnotic language patterns is wanting something to occur by stating what you don’t want to occur. This avoids a direct command. People generally don’t like being told what to do and resist the negative command and respond to the wanted command.

For example

  • Don’t think about me too much while you are away
  • Don’t buy my product until you’re sure that it’s suited to your needs
  • Don’t decide right away

In Well Formed Outcomes, the first key is to state it in positive terms. If you state what you don’t want, there are three problems

  1. When we think of what we don’t want we usually have to picture it. Try it for yourself. How do you represent not thinking about a pink elephant? Some may picture it and then cross or blank it out.Negating focuses our mind on what we don’t want and organizes our thinking around it. This can create conflict as we simultaneously think of it and eliminate it at the same time. We can never be sure which representation will win.
  2. there are many more ways to not get something than to get it. There are hundreds of ways to not have pizza for dinner. The expression out of the frying pan into the fire is relevant. We may achieve our outcome of not having something but end up somewhere worse. See also the Motivation Direction Meta Program
  3. We fail to get in touch with what we do want. Uncovering what is really important to us, what we value, what are our priorities can be challenging. It is easier to think of “not yelling” at the kids rather than consider what this might achieve. Do we want to keep them safe? Do we want them to be able to think for themselves? Do we want them to listen and to learn from us?

As a way to influence someone, these “problems” work in our favor.

      • The person has to represent what is not wanted first (Don’t go into trance yet)
      • There are lots of ways to go about it
      • The conscious mind is distracted
      • It doesn’t know which part it should or should not to
      • Does it resist going into trance or not going into trance?

Our poor conscious mind gets tied up in knots – perfect when you are trying to induce a trance.

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