The Milton Model

Milton Model Causal Linkages

Causal linkages are hypnotic words that imply a cause effect relationship between something that is happening and something the communicator wants to happen. They are used not only by hypnotherapists, but advertisers and salespeople.

  • This new perfume will make all the guys want you
  • My wonderful soda will not only quench your thirst but make you into a fun loving cool person.
  • Having this qualification will make you in demand with employers
  • This energy drink will make life so much easier
  • Buy this game and you won’t ever have to be bored again.

Simple Conjunctions

These are the weakest type of linkage. They connect otherwise unrelated things. They include words such as and, but, not.

  • You are sitting here and you feel wonderful.
  • And that causes you to relax.
  • You are breathing in and out and begin to feel curious.
  • You are listening to the sound of my voice and can start to relax.

Implied Causatives

This is where we establish a connection directly. They include words such as, will, so, while, during, before, after

  • As you sit here listening you will relax more and more
  • While you continue to breathe deeply you will notice a certain sensation

Direct Cause effect

This is the strongest linkage where we state the causality. Words such as will make, causes, forces, requires, because.

  • Sitting here listening to the sounds outside will make you even more relaxed.

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