The Milton Model

The Milton Model Quotes Pattern

To use The Milton Model quotes pattern you put a suggestion in either a direct or an indirect quote from some other person. Quoting what someone else said gives an indirect suggestion to the unconscious mind. We can also use it to insult or complement someone without them realizing.

A useful pattern to avoid creating resistance Other ways are Tag questions and conversational postulates. My NLP teacher used to say “resistance is often the biggest obstacle to getting good trance in someone.”
Some examples:

  • My father used to tell me “you don’t have to control everything, it’s safe to relax”
  • My friends tell me to loosen up when I go out.
  • I met someone this morning and he said “you look great today”
  • My third grade teacher told me “you are an idiot”
  • This guy in another car said, “What are you doing?”
  • All the experts are saying “you really need to buy this gadget”

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