The Milton Model

Milton Model Tag questions

You add tag questions to the end of an ordinary sentence to turn it into a question. This pattern is useful with someone who usually responds to requests by doing the opposite (polarity response)

I love this pattern, don’t you?

This is a great and versatile way to open people up to your communication. When you give a statement, even something like “it’s a great day”, it’s a kind of command. You are giving your interpretation of reality. Communication like this can be interpreted as authoritarian. Like you are trying to be top dog.

Of course there are many circumstances where you want to come across as credible with an air of authority. But it can be challenging too. There are times when you don’t want to risk generating resistance, aren’t there?

  • You know it’s safe to relax don’t you?
  • You have bought her a birthday present haven’t you?
  • You wouldn’t pick up the groceries on the way home would you?
  • You understand don’t you?
  • You don’t agree do you?
  • It’s a great day, isn’t it?
  • Computers are great fun, aren’t they?
  • This is fun isn’t it?

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