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Is There an Australian Personality Type?

I often wonder if countries have a personality. OK that is a huge generalization, but on Australia Day this is my tribute to a common group of Aussies that I’ve known.

I’m not native to Australia, so it was noticeable that they are masters of the understatement and the most laid back, tough nuts you can imagine. Talk about laughing in the face of danger.  If I were to guess the nation’s Myers Brigg’s personality type I’d say ESFP – summed up goes like this…

The ESFP combination adds outgoingness, pleasure, friendly, accepting, flexible and spontaneous to equal “party animal”. They love people, fun and the joys of the material world.

This incredible video taken by two such party animals during a storm that many described as a mini cyclone that caused a trail of destruction in Brisbane’s north in December 2008

Here’s to you David and Ray – hope you had a most excellent Australia Day celebration

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