NLP Glossary - Definitions and Terms

NLP Glossary – B – Definitions and Terms


Backtrack Frame
A review of the last part of a discussion or presentation in order to:

  • Check the accuracy and your interpretation of what you have heard.
  • To acknowledge that you have heard the other person.
  • Increase your learning and understanding by finding the key concepts.
Bandler, Richard
The unconventional co-creator of NLP.
Bandura, Albert
Psychologist whose work greatly influenced the development of NLP and cognitive psychology.
Any conscious physical action such as tasks, activities and exercises. Comes from our state, produces a particular result.
Behavioral Presuppositions
Milton Model: A behavior that elicits a response.

  • Holding out your hand to shake
  • Indicating a seat with a hand gesture
  • Patting the chair next to you
The things you believe to be true about how things work. Beliefs are based on your history and conclusions about the world, yourself, other people. They are difficult to change if only because you are trying to change your own personal “truth” without testing or even asking “how do I know this is true?”
Body Language
Our non verbal communication involving the body. Includes our gestures, movements, posture, facial expression and eye accessing cues. It can show how the person is processing (which representational system) and also indicates their state (particularly facial expression).BrainControls the rest of our body.
One of the Satir Categories

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