NLP Glossary - Definitions and Terms

NLP Glossary – F – Definitions and Terms


Feels Right Convincer
Meta Program: Convincer Channel: Being convinced by how you feel.
The frame we give something determines our response. We behave differently if we think someone is playing than if they are attacking. Think of puppies wrestling. Using a different frame can make us see something in a different way and is a great problem solving method. See NLP Reframing. Some useful frames include the “as if frame”, the “backtrack frame” and the “solution frame”
Frame of Reference
Meta Program: Where do we get our authority, rights, privileges, permissions for our actions and decisions?
Fritz Perls
The founder of Gestalt Therapy, and the inspiration for the Meta Model
Future Pacing
NLP Technique: For testing changes and anchoring resources to a time and/or place

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