NLP Glossary - Definitions and Terms

NLP Glossary – I – Definitions and Terms


Implied Causatives
Implying a cause/effect relationship between something that is happening, and something we want to happen. Words such as so, while, as, then, since, therefore, when, during, allows, because. For example, “when I wash the car it will rain”, “I need a day off because it’s my birthday”
Inactive Action Filter
Meta Program: Action Filter: Not Thinking, not Acting
When our communication channels are not saying the same thing, we are in conflict at some level.
Indirect Elicitation Patterns
Milton Model patterns useful to get specific responses indirectly (without directly asking for them)

  • Embedded Commands – directives in a larger sentence
  • Analogue Marking – setting the directive apart with nonverbal behavior
  • Embedded Questions – question in a larger sentence
  • Negative Commands
  • Conversational postulates – yes/no questions that typically elicit a response rather than an answer
  • Ambiguities – word/s having more than one meaning
Meta Program: MBTI: Quiet, seek connection between ideas, decisive, organized
Information Motivation Preference
Meta Program: Primary Interest Sort: Primary interest in knowledge and data about people, place, things and activities
Meta Program: MBTI: Idealistic, loyal, decisive, adaptable
Meta Program: A time sort that results in being in the present (and usually late)
Meta Program: MBTI: Independent, original, quick, organized
Meta Program: MBTI: Quiet, abstract, logical, flexible
Introvert Extrovert
Meta Program: MBTI: The Introvert Extrovert Meta Program relates to how we get and renew our energy
Meta Program: MBTI: Quiet, conscientious, friendly, orderly
Meta Program: MBTI: Quiet, sensitive, friendly, harmonious
Meta Program: MBTI: Quiet, practical, logical, organized
Meta Program: MBTI: Quiet, practical, logical, flexible

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