NLP Glossary - Definitions and Terms

NLP Glossary – Q – Definitions and Terms


Questions for Cause effects
Meta Model: To uncover how X causes Y
Questions for Comparative deletions
Meta Model: To find out what standard is being used to compare things
Questions for Complex equivalences
Meta Model: Uncover the link between two supposedly similar things
Questions for Linguistic Presuppositions
Meta Model: Uncovering additional choices
Questions for Lost Performatives
Meta Model: Uncover the basis for the personal belief disguised as universal truth
Questions for Ly Adverbs
Meta Model: To uncover the hidden judgement
Questions for Mind reading
Meta Model: Uncovering how you know what is happening in someone else’s brain
Questions for Modal operators
Meta Model: Of Necessity – words such as have to, should, must
Of Impossibility – words such as can’t, impossible, unable
Questions for Nominalizations
Meta Model: Uncovering the underlying process
Questions for Simple deletions
Meta Model: To recover meaning that has left out or lost
Questions for Universal quantifiers
Meta Model: To find exceptions to the generalization by exaggeration or finding counter examples
Questions for Unspecified Nouns
Meta Model: You want to find out who or what the person is talking about.
Questions for Unspecified Verbs
Meta Model: You want to find out what action is taking place.
Quotes Pattern
Milton Model: Putting a suggestion in quotes makes it more accepted by someone’s unconscious.

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