NLP Glossary - Definitions and Terms

NLP Glossary – A – Definitions and Terms


Accessing Cues
The evidence of our internal mental processing. When someone accesses their visual processing we can see it in their eye movements for instance. We call these Eye accessing cues. Other cues include posture, gestures and breathing.
Action Filter
Meta Program: Our acting and reflecting style
Activity Sort
Meta Program: Primary Interest Sort: Primary interest is in doing.
Milton Model: Words or phrases that have more than one meaning. This distracts the conscious mind. There are four types, phonological, punctuation, syntactic and scope.
Most Submodalities vary continuously. For example, sound can change from loud to soft. Light can change from bright to dim. Temperature is not just hot or cold, but many degrees in between. Submodalities which don’t vary (but are like a switch or toggle) include association/dissociation, color/black and white and framed/panoramic.
Analogue Marking
Marking out a part of a sentence with some nonverbal behavior. See Milton Model Embedded Commands
NLP Technique: Setting a trigger for emotional states and resources
Any stimulus associated with a specific response. Anchored responses happen all the time and are usually set up naturally and unintentionally. Marketers link brands to desired emotions or experiences. We see a bottle of Coke and think happy smiling people. Anchors can serve or hinder us. We see a red traffic light and stomp on the brake. The referee’s whistle blows and we pay attention. The alarm clock goes off and we leap out of bed. The theme for our favourite show comes on and we go to fridge.

Anthony Robbins
Famous NLP Trainer and master of positive states
Submodality: Probably the most important type of submodality.
Attention Direction
Meta Program: Sorting by self or others Do you mostly put your attention on the needs of others, or your own needs?
Auditory Digital Processing
Representational System: The language and actual words that we use to describe what is going on in our other senses.
Auditory System Processing
Representational System: Processing sound is linear and sequential. It cannot process as much information as visual system processing.
Away From Motivation Direction
Meta Program: People who move away from what they don’t want are motivated by problems to solve or threats to avoid.

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